Saving Money {Baby/Children’s Clothes}

by tarashea on September 27, 2011 ·

Photo by the amazing Layne Haley :)

Last week I talked about how I save money on clothes for me. This week I will talk about how I save money on clothes for Preston. :-)I love dressing my little man!

Once again, I hear a lot how people only buy from consignment stores or garage sales because they think that is the best bargain/deal. A lot of times this is not the case. I mainly shop at The Children’s Place and Baby Gap for Preston. And I always buy from the clearance section. :-)

TCP is the best to shop for clearance sales. They a lot of times have 50% off the clearance price, which makes for an incredible deal! I have gotten tons of clothes for Preston for a couple bucks. A lot of times the prices are cheaper than a consignment store, and the clothing is brand new! Double score! TCP is also known for usually having a good coupon floating around, and I love TCP cash. I got $20 off of my $40 purchase a couple weeks ago.

Baby Gap can be more pricey, but they also have amazing clearance deals from time to time. The quality of Baby Gap is the best. I have tubs of Preston’s clothes that are too small now- they look brand new! Maybe my sister will have a baby boy in May, and I can give some to her….or maybe I will have another boy in down the road! Either way I have a lot of cute clothes stored away thanks to clearance sales…and grandparents who love to buy Preston new clothes. :-)

Let me know if you have some more money saving tips! I always love learning new ways to save!!

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