Saving Money {Makeup}

by tarashea on September 14, 2011 ·

As a self proclaimed “girly girl”, I love makeup. :-) And unfortunately for my wallet, I like makeup that isn’t really budget friendly…or is it? Lately I have been saving on average about $6-8 per item. I love Bare Minerals makeup. I have been wearing it for 6 years now, and my skin has never been better! It is so easy and lasts longer than any other makeup I have used. However, it always hurts a little when I do run out. $25 is not fun to shell out.

Love this stuff!

I am going to let you in on a secret. Plan ahead and buy your makeup online! Sites like Amazon and Ebay are great! I personally use Amazon because I earn gift cards to Amazon every month for participating in an online panel (SCORE!). When I realize that I am getting low, I search for which product I need and find the best price and shipping rate. Last week I needed to buy foundation. Like I mentioned earlier, it retails for $25 at the mall. I found some for $17 (brand new) on Amazon with $1.99 shipping. This was still about 6 bucks cheaper than buying from the mall. Will my $10 gift card I ended up paying 11 bucks and a few pennies after tax. I was super happy. I ordered it on a Friday morning, and it was here by Monday afternoon!

I am waiting for my next gift card to arrive so that I can pick up some more goodies online. :-) I love saving money and living as frugal as possible, but makeup is something that I am not willing to compromise on. Buying my makeup online is allowing me to have the best of both worlds. :-)

Let me know any money saving tips you have!



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